Yogawise with Sammi

Sammi is a qualified teacher registered with the department of Education and science and has also trained in India and England to qualify as a yoga practitioner.

She has worked for Richmond council developing Access courses for women returners; Psychology examinations and vocational courses plus special needs and child development classes. Schools are acknowledging the benefits of yoga in improving students concentration and reducing their anxiety levels nearing examinations.

Sammi also initiated and managed child care and parental support packages for Kingston Council to enable working parents to balance their work/home commitments and thereby reduce stress levels.

Having also worked at a senior level in the corporate world, she understands the need for relaxation techniques for both men and women, (from the office junior to the Chief Executive!) to keep the workforce healthy, happy and effective.

Sammi has set up Yogawise to offer a practical solution to keeping healthy in both mind and body in today's busy world. The packages offered target specific groups and individuals in an attempt to reach a wide range of needs at a time and a place that gives value for money and convenience.

`Lilac Prana` showing the Chakra Colours
Papier mache sculpture by Artist and Yogawise student Audrey Douglas
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