ClassesYoga can help a number of ailments from backache to panic attacks.  
Yoga Therapy
Yoga can help a number of ailments from backache to panic attacks. It should never be used to replace your Doctors advice or before you seek medical diagnosis. If you are in any way concerned about your health it is always advisable to ask your Doctor to approve your participation in Yoga Asanas, Pranayama and meditation exercises. I would be happy to talk to him/her (with your consent and full knowledge) about what is involved before you undertake any programme and to note any advice/cautions they wish to make known to me.

Yoga in Schools
Small group sessions to suit your students needs. Help them to help themselves. Concentration improves, stress levels drop, motivation rises, and physical fitness and flexibility is maintained or improved.
Have you considered a session for your teaching staff?

Open Classes
Beginner and Intermediate/Advance level classes. Ring to confirm venue, price and time details.

Yoga in the workplace:
One hour tuition in the lunch hour or straight after work. You provide the boardroom or other space with a firm floor, good ventilation and with enough room to accommodate a maximum of twenty employees. The firm can pay for the session to encourage a healthy workforce or a minimum of ten employees can book and pay individually.

1:1 or small group sessions.
Six week sessions on a one to one basis or a minimum of six maximum ten people in your home.

Yoga and pregnancy
The breathing exercises and deep relaxation and stretching asanas can help to contribute towards maintaining a healthy pregnancy and birth. Learn to conserve energy to combat sleepless nights.

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