Yogawise Testimonials

Dear Sammi and Iain, What can I say but a very big thanks for such a pleasant five days; if only it could have gone on longer. Great location, great people and lots to go away and think about! But then we have a life time in which to do so…. Looking forward to Glastonbury.

Love, Tim Ionides, Entrepreneur, Sportsman, Explorer

Dear Sammi, Just to say thank you so very much for a fabulous time in Devon. What I experienced and felt I will never forget. It was amazing! Thank you once are very special.

Love, Iwonna Gilbert-Harris. mother and cat/animal saviour

Sammi and Iain, Thank you I am still Floating!

Love, Phyllis Burns-Garside xxx Photo Editor, Artist, Gardener

Some Days in July - A Poem

Swallows. Hot tubs. Bats.
Candlelight. Sunsets
The warmth of people. Gentle voice
Stars and arrows. Backward Bend
Flowing forward. Helping Hand
Triad healing. Pictures drawn
Tears and laughter
We have grown

With love, Ula Runde, Translator, Writer

Thank you God for Sammi. She is a wonderful and necessary person in our lives.
Yvonne Minton OBE. Opera Diva, music judge and teacher

Sammi, I didn’t know what I was expecting but I have been hit by a spiritual steam train and I am reeling..ha..ha..So we’ll keep in touch and see what’s in store. Thank you for your time and positivity. You are something!!!
Jaime Curtis, Sales PR

A tasty guru who ‘in satori’ (a state of intuitive enlightenment) leads others to the door of their pathway, a bodhisattva without renouncing nirvana herself leads others to it. Nataraja – cosmic creator. A zen-sational organiser of a four day party which in fact is very hard work with a wonderful group of people who are a 100% present as themselves in a wonderful location, a great vegetarian menu and good accommodation. I knew I would either love the retreat or hate it. I love it; all highlights. Thanks also to Iain for the support he gave to you and all of us and the creation of the meditation room. Grazie infinitemente. Aphrodite goddess of love

Ray Chandler, Philosopher, College Lecturer

Dear Sammi, thank you for a life changing, inspiring experience. It has been a wonderful week with lovely people and I have learnt so much. I am blessed to have found you. You are an inspiration and I know this is the beginning of a great journey for me.
Deanna Chandler, grandmother, Primary School Teacher

Dear Sammi, This is to say thank you so much for helping me on my way back or should I say on my new path. I have come a long way since I started your classes. Thank you for showing the way and being an inspirational teacher. All the best for an enlightened future. Take great care.

A grateful Jan t’Lam from Executive to Childrens’ Charity worker in Palestine.


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