Sammi’s Yoga Club

Peace Love Truth Joy

A circle of friends who meet to create space for the above named qualities of the heart to grow for the benefit of all

Om shanti

For a while I have been thinking about how to progress the yoga I have been offering to all of you in such diverse settings and at so many different levels of knowledge and fitness: both spiritual and physical.

It is now necessary for me to allocate my time in a more productive way so that I can concentrate on those who really want to grow in this discipline and who have realised that health club yoga and following many teachers is not the way forward.

This is in no way a judgement of whatever style you wish to “Do Yoga” it is just a natural progression for some who wish to “Be Yoga” and for whom there is a realisation of something more.

So what are the benefits of joining the yoga club?
  • Priority booking on all retreats/workshops/entry to the donation peace-circle/other specialised yoga events .(Yoga and Walking Holidays )
  • Free quarterly newsletter for spring , summer, autumn and winter advice and interesting yoga articles. The Groovy Guru newsletter will endeavour to answer ‘problem’ areas in your yoga practise on all levels; be they philosophical, body/health orientated or just searching. It will also give you an opportunity to publish your insights to others and encourage a dialogue between club members on what they have found helpful.. You will get a calendar of yoga events/classes to keep you informed before they are advertised more widely.
  • Themed get togethers eg. park walks/picnics, gatherings to foster yoga community spirit.

    First summer gathering Date: Sunday 12 th August

              ******** Theme: Four Corners Flow and connection to the Earth************

  • One to One Personal Practise support and small group sessions
  • Wednesday evening drop-in yoga priority space if you arrive on time . As you may have noticed, this class has limited space and growing numbers!
The main benefit is that I will know that you are committed and that you value my commitment to you. I will have to limit the numbers for this club so please do not be offended if you do not get membership straight away; it may be that you already follow another path and others will gain more from this offering.

The cost of membership is £1 per month, payable in full on acceptance of your application. i.e. entry on the 1st of April every year = £12.

Membership cost and entry will be re-assessed every year on both sides.

If you join mid-year the cost will be calculated at the rate of £1 per month up to the next April.
To apply for the Sunday afternoon sessions you will need to join the club first as these special sessions will only be available to students who have applied and told me why they wish to work with me.

Click here for membership form (Word doc)

Sunday afternoon Sessions

  • One hour alignment and flow-work sequences for you to practise at home to improve your understanding of asana and breath work and how this impacts on your spiritual/mental well- being. 4pm to 5pm
  • The Spiritual Laws - Have you discovered that you can only go so far mastering the body and then you need to master the mind? Will you continue to be a slave to old habits and familiar patterns which have not brought happiness to you in this life or do you want to go to battle and win the greatest victory of them all…Self Awareness? This course will give you a practical way to harness the wild horses (the five senses) of the out-of-control chariot (The mind) in a supportive group so that you can begin to learn to live in the present: Fully Consciously and Joyfully! 2hr sessions with home play. 5pm to 7pm
  • Peace Circle – We will explore various ways to still the mind and pool our peaceful energies for the benefit of all. There will be silence, mudras, visualisations, mantra/chanting.

    There will be PEACE LOVE TRUTH JOY .

7pm to 8pm Donation. (Musicians welcome to bring drums etc.)

I look forward to receiving your membership applications and to welcoming you as members.

Om shanti shanti shanti Om Peace Peace Peace